Upgrading of teaching ideas and methods of basic design Visual communication design of relevant information

Zhang hai hua
Wang xue qing
Ph.D in Design
Theory and Practice of Art Design
This design is based on the design ability cultivation system construction: research on basic education idea and method to upgrade the literature research contents above, using the theory and method of visual communication design, the design basis to characteristics and achievements of teaching reform history and cause (law) and other related research contents and the design of the information. The original intention of this design is to let people better understand the history of this period, and to record and display relevant precious historical materials. The whole conception and design process closely combine design narration with literature research narration.
  • Panel designs Design ability training system construction design basic teaching concept and method upgrade research literature exhibition board
  • Series publication design The highlights of the 2007 Design Foundation Nomination Exhibition and seminar, and the design of a series of publications featuring the design foundation teaching reform of four representative universities