The Old Tone of the South—The Concept Design of Cantonese Culture Museum Exhibition

Chen Meihuan
Wang Shaoqiang
Ph.D in Design
Theory and Practice of Art Design
Mixed medium,其他
Cantonese is an important carrier of Lingnan culture and the natural glue of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. From the perspective of witnesses, this plan reconstructs the Cantonese cultural landscape of the Pearl River Port through museum exhibitions. Through historical reality and fictional dreams, it travels through the past, present and future of Cantonese cultural development to construct a visible "voice" and The audible "exhibition" explores the multi-dimensional reconstruction of cultural memory in the exhibition design, and shows the multi-dimensional thinking on the cultural form of Cantonese. It is hoped that this plan will promote the conservation and inheritance of Cantonese culture, promote the cultural development of the Greater Bay Area with the same roots, and arouse more people's attention to the dialect crisis.
  • Project background and design ideas This is a Cantonese cultural themed exhibition about memory, nostalgia, and dreams, as well as an experimental site for the inheritance and dissemination of Cantonese cultural memory. Cantonese is a unique accent in the Lingnan area, and the homeland is the eternal spiritual belonging of people.
  • Schema generation and design strategy Based on the historical background of Cantonese culture, the exhibition expands the curatorial concept of "crossing the river of time with the boat of memory" into the cultural characteristics of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which are open, diverse, inclusive and convergent.