"YOUYOUFANGXIANG" - Landscape Design of guantaiwei River in the ancient city of Suzhou Based on Tourism Development

Ph.D in Design
Theory and Practice of Art Design
Environmental art design
Mixed medium
Shengjiadai and guantaiwei River are part of the 2021 Suzhou Gusu District Street and lane comprehensive renovation project. It is the southeast inlet and outlet channel of the ancient city of Suzhou. The Wangxing bridge and wangmen bridge in the southeast section are clearly visible on the Songping River map. It is one of the oldest rivers in the ancient city of Suzhou, and its river location has never changed. After the 1980s, the function of river transportation gradually weakened and even disappeared, and lost the visual characteristics of the traditional streets and alleys in Suzhou. The purpose of this project is to make the rivers, streets and some public houses in the Shengjia belt of guantaiwei River have Suzhou symbols and tourism functions, and change the negative space into positive space.
  • Design project background and planning and design objectives The design project is a part of the protection, development and landscape improvement of rivers and streets in the ancient city of Suzhou. It is also the area with the greatest difficulty in development and improvement. The analysis of the project background, site status and various policies can avoid detours and find the correct design direction.
  • Design project planning basis and achievement presentation Although the ancient city of Suzhou has a history of more than 2500 years, the improvement and transformation of the environment cannot simply restore the ancients and imitate the ancients. Even if the physical environment changes little, the existing environmental functions have been constantly updated. Therefore, the intervention of modern design theory helps to establish the contemporary function and significance of the environment.